About Us

Jolla Solutions Aerospace & Defense Consulting is a Florida corporation specializing in Airborne consulting and custom solutions for Law Enforcement and Public Safety Entities. With sales and support locations in Miami, FL and Mexico City, we are capable to provide effective solutions throughout North and South America. We provide solutions based upon the best platform to address your needs, while fitting within your budgetary requirements.

Fleet of Diamond Aircrafts and Armored Vehicles

Jolla Solutions is dedicated to providing complete, cost effective surveillance solutions. Successfully fielding an airborne surveillance asset is far more involved than placing a sensor on an aircraft and getting into the air. To be effective, your asset requires fully integrated mission equipment combined with proven airborne surveillance tactics. Most importantly, the costs associated in doing so need to fit within ever tightening budget constraints.

Contact us to discuss how we can improve support of your ground assets, while providing complete and cost-effective solutions.